Se busca ventana para planta

Urban art project made in Sanlúcar de Bda. & Madrid (2013) and El Puerto de Santa María (2014)

Causing joy, sharing enthusiasm for small things through surprise. "We look for a window for a
plant" is an urban action taken with the idea of bringing spring to the houses . It consists of
putting up posters on the street to give seeds to people passing by. Simulating the format of
posters that seeks roommate, but instead of a contact number, we place bags with daisy seeds.
We seek a "careful and diligent person, sunny house, good environment. Grab your seed and run".
One way to encourage that adorn our balconies with plants.

The action is complemented by the intervention "Occupy your balcony" where we leave plants on other people's balconies. We choose a balcony, we hung a small pot and we lift it up to the balcony, leaving accompanied by a message: "This pot has a flower, water it, let it light and take care of it, it'll be glad your balcony and everyone who sees it. "

A project by Marga Moreno & Laura Millán. Team members: Darío García, Concha Rodício,
Susana Gil, Esteban Perles, Miguel Astorga & Juanjo Castillo