Instalation made for the exhibition 'Seré tu voz. Eres mi luz' (Fundación Valentín de
Madariaga, Sevilla, 2013) curated by 'La universidad emocional'. In this exhibition
autistic persons and artists gather to create an artwork, Laura Millán collaborated
with José María Alonso and his mother.

Jose María was born and lives in Triana, Sevilla. He lives in with his brother Carlos
and his parents, Rocio and Carlos. Jose Maria is a 17-year-old, he loves sports and
movies. For him it was special to discover the agendas and notebooks as a tool to
write and describe about their interests, tastes and needs. The diaries help him
to predict the future, to know what will happen and have become essential for him.
The work is presented as a communication between mother and child.

By Jose María Alonso, Rocío Rebollo & Laura Millán