Art project made for 'El Centro de Todas las Cosas'. We conducted a exquisite corpse in space,
each month a different artist came to the gallery and worked with what he had left the previous
artist. With the idea of a vegetal project 'Se buscan plantas agonizantes' and an animal
project 'Despiece' we work during a month in the gallery.

With 'Despiece' we have a friend who has ham but asks for help to sell it. At that time we learned
that the gallery will close and we think to give it the pieces of the artists to the pigs to eat
them and sell the resulting ham as works of art.
Here you can see the video of the pigs eating the artworks >> Watch the video

Photography: Charo Corrales, Gerardo García & Laura Millán

By David Pantaleón & Laura Millán